Blue Iris studios

Blue Iris Studios is downtown Guelph’s fine craft studio featuring pottery and jewellery handmade by Iris Dorton. You will find necklaces and earrings in porcelain, coloured porcelain, fine silver and handmade glass, as well as an ever-changing selection of functional as well as decorative pottery, including teapots, mugs, serving dishes and vases. Custom made dinnerware place settings are now available, as is a gift registry.

Shu-Chen Cheng

Shu-Chen is a full time ceramic artist,originally from Taiwan.
She lives and works from her home and studio in Hamilton, Ontario.
Her award winning Raku vessels has been exhibited in galleries and juried shows,
including Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibiton.
Her work has been collected by collecters in Canada and abroad.
Her timeless ceramic work is also in the permanent collection of Burlington Art Centre;
Burlinton Potters's Guild and Waterloo Potters' workshop.
In 2008, her raku work was purchased by Hamilton Airport and is on display at the
International Arrival Hall.

Becky Webster vessel
Monica Adamo
Jay Burn Pottery
Dale Mark

Jennifer Mitchell platter

"JWare" ( by Jennifer Miceli is fun, hip and graphic. A local Guelph potter, Jennifer's work is inspired by everyday scenes, and you might even recognize a local skyline on one of her bowls!

Carol Ann MichaelsonI have been a studio potter for over 25 years. My primary pursuit revolves around functional forms, pieces that are lovely to look at, to hold and to use. I believe it is only as people handle and use a pot, that its true beauty is revealed. My work is complete when the user has enjoyed the comfortable handle, felt the lip of the pot on their mouth, or dined and lived with a piece. It is the subtle difference that a good pot makes to our daily rituals that I strive to attain. I hope to add that much needed pause in people’s lives where they stop for a moment and enjoy the beauty of hand made objects. In our often, harried lives, we crave and need ritual and symbolism. When people take my work home, they connect with something that has been made by a human hand. They remember a pleasant drive and a connection to a life that contrasts with their own. Having morning coffee in a handmade cup, may be the only meditative ritual in a busy day. On a certain level this is an important connection that we all need and it is a joy to be a part of it!
Richard Mund teapot

Jane Neff  -eggs in stone nest

Jane Neff has a background in design - both architecture and garden design. This has led to a decades long exploration in clay as a studio potter working in raku, earthenware, sculptural installations and functional stoneware. She enjoys combining hand built and thrown work, creating wall installations as well as testing and mixing her own glazes. Explorations in combining metal and glass with clay are on-going. Trying to make sense of the world while sharing the importance of of hand-made objects is the elusive goal. Jane enjoys instructing and inspiring pottery enthusiasts of all levels at the Elora

Natalie Prevost Mero vase
Kelly Rasmussen mugs
Frans Rood

Melissa Schooley bowl

A graduate of Emily Carr University of Art and Design, Melissa has been proting full time since 2005. She is currently working in porcelain, offering a complete line of serving and dinnerware. Melissa has also created a unique line of work (my “Feltware collection) that combines hand-felted elements with functional porcelain.

Goldie Sherman
Indira Singh

Timothy Smith pottery


I started making pottery in 1986 while at University of Toronto studying electrical engineering, when my wife-to-be gave me a set of pottery lessons for Christmas. It was love at first pot! After graduation I returned to school at Sheridan College for a three year ceramics program. I moved to Dundas, Ontario in 1990 to work at Scott Barnim's studio. Four years later I had started my own studio in our little house. By 1998 we had three small children and no room to budge in our wee abode. It was time to move. By luck, another potter was selling his home and studio near Wiarton, on the Bruce peninsula. It was perfect timing and our big chance to head on out to the country. Since early 1999 I have owned and operated Gleason Brook Pottery (named after a trickle of water that runs behind the property). We love it! The surroundings are inspiring. There is room to roam and to grow. Business is brisk and the studio is big enough that each summer I can have the privilege of hiring and working with Sheridan College students.

Jessica Steinhauser at work on a Kachelofen

The artistic inspiration for much of Jessica Steinhäuser's work is found in the medieval castles and buildings that surrounded her as a child growing up in Germany. Whether creating intricate tile motifs for her masonry ovens (kachelofen), transforming clay into sculptural tableware, or shaping architectural and figurative images on a canvas, she has undertaken a wide range of projects in her artistic career.

Ruth Swanson teapot
Pavlo Pottery

Danuta Tydor ceramics

Danuta Tydor Visual Artist, graduated from Architectural Technology College in Poland, where she majored in Architecture and Interior Design. Since then she express her self artistically in variety of media. in 1981 Tydor moved to Canada and continue to work in artistic fields. Danuta's work touched many people through her vivid imagination, flare and original style - despite which medium of art was she at the moment. Experiencing life through creative forces and versatility led Tydor to hand weaving large scale tapestries, designing exclusive lines of woman's fashion, illustrating and painting in watercolour, acrylic and oil media. Since 1997 she joined her husband Artist - Vlodek Tydor and formed a Company Active Clay Inc. where she co-design and produced contemporary clay sculpture. At present she divides her time between ceramics and painting. Through the years Danuta has won many awards for her creativity, and her pieces can be found in many private, public and corporate collections. At present Danuta Tydor and her husband Vlodek are working full time out of their artist studio / residence outside of Waterloo Ontario, Canada.

Greg Voisin mugs

Hi, my name is Greg. I was born and raised in Hamilton, Ontario. After studying philosophy, I traveled around for a little while, washing dishes, cutting hair, playing music, working on films, and drawing. In an attempt to avoid having a “real job” I taught myself the craft of pottery. Each piece is handmade and decorated in my home studio. The hand drawn images of birds, mustaches, mix tapes, bicycles and the like are meant to warm the heart as much as they are meant to warm your leftovers. I hope you enjoy them.

Andrea Vuletin - the meadow

Andrea worked freelance as a painter and designer after graduating in 1990 from the Ontario College of Art and Design (Bachelor of Design completed in 2008), but discovered a passion for clay while attending night classes at George Brown College in 1994. The understanding of composition, line, colour and form developed at OCAD translated easily to the ceramic medium where Andrea has found great satisfaction in producing functional objects that connect with the viewer on a daily level. Her elegant pieces bring a quiet but joyful moment to each day. Andrea teaches classes and workshops with an emphasis on surface. Her work is shown at galleries and festivals in Southern Ontario and beyond. Recent awards are: Memorial Award, Ignite 2012, Potter’s Guild of Hamilton and Region Biennial, Best functional work, London Potter’s Guild Biennial 2012, Henry Goodman Best in Show award and Fusion Board Chair Puchase Award, Fireworks 2011, Spectrum Award, Toronto Potter’s Biennial 2010, People’s choice, London Potter’s Guild Show Fall 2009 and Spring 2010.

Rich Weiss mugs
Judith Wilkins pottery
Marcelina Salazar
Joseph Panacci vase
Gail Pasternack pottery

Andrea Piller

Andrea Piller has maintained a ceramic studio since graduating from the Ontario College of Art and Design in 1983.  Her work is primarily hand built sculptural vessels that are interpretations and responses to the natural world. She has shown her work both nationally and internationally and has been the recipient of numerous art awards and grants. She shares her enthusiasm and knowledge for art and clay through Toronto schools including numerous indoor and outdoor mural installations, teacher workshops, education conferences and art centres across Toronto, and more recently in the Quinte region.

The urge to create with material takes me closer to my interest in both the simplicity
and the wondrous complexity of nature. This process is a constant reminder of transformation and regeneration. I seek the connections between our bodies and fragments of the earth. Nature is the magnificent model, the immediate muse of my designs and imaginings. I try to redefine and celebrate in a gesture.
There is release and expansion, providing impetus for further possibilities in clay.
Intensity, reverence and possibilities…

Shelley BoaShelley Boa plate

Carolyn Filter teapot

After more than twenty years as a graphic artist, I discovered clay, and spent three years in Sheridan College's ceramics program. There I learned the value of being a working potter, and of making pots that enhance the lives of their owners. Functional pieces and tableware are a major focus. It's important that a bowl make an artistic statement as well as grace a table.  Mugs are created with consideration for the user - a 'thumb stop' gives balance as well as decoration.
The connection to my customers starts after they've seen my work. From the moment we meet across my studio counter, or via email, a collaboration often begins which allows me to tailor my work to my customer's preferences and needs. However we meet, that connection is important to me, and in many cases becomes a lasting one. I will always make purposeful pots, and I enjoy the fact that they find homes all over the world.

yellow cup
Janette Bogart
Keri Currie
Amy Doole
Janus Janus
Joseph Panacci
Peter Panacci
Sean Robinson
Trudy Schultz
Emma Smith
Jane Snider
Carmen Abdallah

MAY 30 and 31, 2015

10am - 5 pm

rain or shine

Goldie Mill, Guelph

Janet Douma - goblets

Janet Douma has had an interest in art since she was a child growing up on a farm in rural eastern Ontario.  As a young adult, she came upon an opportunity to apprentice with a production potter in Halifax, N.S., and has been enthralled by the craft ever since.  The majority of her work is functional wheel thrown wares; all are high fired, food safe vessels, decorated with incised designs and finished in a variety of glazes.    

Reid Flock vessel

Described as Neo-Baroque, Reid’s work is a combination of experiences from Japan with recognizable western production forms. Primarily with porcelain, he throws and manipulates forms; slapping, tickling, gently coercing forms beyond their static states. He enjoys unearthing pieces from deep within, often remnants of memories and objects past; a celebration for things forgotten and those yet to be.

melissa farquhar - work up closeCombining wheel thrown and altered forms with slab work, her work is an exploration in the juxtaposition of an “old world” aesthetic with modern asymmetry and movement. She strives to create an ethereal beauty and elegance in each piece, especially in her large, one-of-a-kind vases and pitchers. 
Botanical themes prevail in her work, informed by many years as a professional botanist prior to being a potter. This is especially apparent in her new body of work which uses decals of 15th century Italian woodcuts of Herbal illustrations. Portions of these woodcuts have been applied as decals to the surface of the vessels prior to glaze firing, to create sepia-toned botanical designs.

Jennifer Graham pottery

Jennifer Graham is a ceramic designer/artist. Her ceramics are inspired by traditional textiles and by the vessel as object.  She uses actual textile elements of pattern, stitching and texture to emboss her studio made contemporary porcelain pieces.  The delicate construction and raw edges echo the qualities of fabrics. Her hand built forms result in an organic sense of rhythm.
Jennifer graduated from Sheridan College Craft and Design Program where she received the William and Mary Corcoran Craft Award.   I.D., Azure, Canadian Interiors, Style at Home, Canadian House and Home and The Globe and Mail have featured Jennifer's ceramics.  Her work is represented at a number of galleries and design stores across Canada and the United States.

April Gates pottery
wendy Gacparski's pottery
Chris Hierlihy pottery
Monica Johnston's potMonica Johnston graduated from George Brown College, Toronto, in 1984. For over 20 years, she has been producing fun, and functional porcelain pottery. Crisp line and bold graphic patterns inspired by plants, fruits, and geometry are rendered in underglaze surface decoration. Throughout her career, she has shared the joy of creative clay by teaching students ranging from preschool children to pre-retirement adults, in private studios, community centres, schools and colleges. In 205, Monica and her glass blower husband, Paulus, opened “Frantic Farms Clay & Glass & Gallery” in the budding Arts Community of Warkworth. She works full time making pots and teaching in her studio adjacent to the gallery.

Alexander Kastulin goblet

Since the age of twenty, I have been a visual and decorative artist, dedicated to the creation of ceramic sculpture and pottery. My creative activity ranges from design to intuitive art. The root for my artistic style is based upon my studies of North American, European and Japanese ancient traditions and cultures. My personal beliefs in these cultures inspire and fulfil my creative stream. My goal is to extend the existing collection of my works as a way of connecting a universal appreciation and understanding of the beauty of these cultures and traditions.

Elsa Mann potteryElsa’s first tried pottery looking for a way to unwind after a stressful work day. Working with clay soon grew into a full-time obsession and in 1995 became her new career path. She is primarily a self-taught potter, learning her craft from a broad range of respected ceramic artists.  Her main focus for over 18 years has been utilizing the raku process in non-traditional and innovative ways.

One of her raku specializations is known as ‘horse-hair raku’.  This firing method results in pottery which resembles the look of exotic wood or marble. Elsa tends to blend together the crackled glazed effects of American raku, horse-hair techniques, and incorporates various organic materials, resulting in a style of pottery that is truly her own, and pieces that are definitely outside of the norm. 

Elsa Mann is an artist who believes in life-long learning.  She continues to explore new methods working with clay, glass, wood and encaustic painting.  Her horse hair and encaustic vase, “Twilight”, won the Ceramics Award in the 2012 Insights Juried Regional Exhibition.  Her works continue to be acquired for private and public collections. 
Since 2010, she has also been exploring architectural ceramics, working in large scale for outdoor installation and indoor exhibition.  Presently she is working on several commissions for both corporate and public installations slated for 2012-2013.

Elsa is co-owner of Night & Day Studio, together with her husband and fellow potter, Paul Kaye.  Their home and studio is located on a rural property just south of Mount Forest, Ontario. 

Lisa Marcus pottery

Lisa Marcus creates both functional and decorative stoneware. Lisa’s whimsical designs often incorporate such images as cats, mermaids or goddesses. Lisa is known for her goddess goblets, cat bowls and her mermaid mugs. She offers pottery classes, workshops and private lessons from her home studio located in Kitchener, Ontario.

Jonathan Harper pottery

Tentative List of Potters for 2015:

Carmen Abdallah, Val-David, Quebec ...
Monica Adamo,
Tanya Besedina,
Shelley Boa, Guelph
Janette Bogart, Kitchener
Jay Burn, Stratford
Shu-Chen Cheng, Hamilton
Keri Currie,
Becky DeLeo, Waterloo ...
Amy Doole, Maynooth
Iris Dorton, Guelph ...
Melissa Farquhar, Rockwood...
Murray Fox, Kitchener
April Gates, Haliburton
Jennifer Graham, Stratford...
Jonathan Harper, Waterdown
Stephen Hawes, Wateloo ...
Chris Hierlihy, Guelph...
Janus, Eden
Monica Johnston, Warkworth...
Maria Jozwiakowski, Kitchener
Alexander Kastulin, Toronto...
Lisa Marcus, Kitchener
Dale Mark, Burlington
Angela McKay,
Jennifer Miceli, Guelph...
Carol Ann Michaelson, Glen Williams ...
Monika Minnis
, Hamilton...
Richard Mund, Neustadt
Barb Murphy, Guelph
Jane Neff, Elora
Joseph Panacci, Simcoe
Peter Panacci,
Gail Pasternack, Toronto
Andrea Piller,
Natalie Prevost-Mero, Paris...
Sean Robinson, London ...
Frans Rood, Mississauga...
Marcelina Salazar, Chatsworth
Melissa Schooley, Windham Centre...
Goldie Sherman, Guelph
Trudy Schultz, Cambridge
Indira Singh, Waterloo
Emma Smith, Burlington
Timothy Smith, Georgian Bluffs
Jane Snider,
Jessica Steinhäuser, Guelph...
Ruth Swanson
, Ayton...
Pavlov Tsarynny, Rockton...
Greg Voisin, Hamilton
Andrea Vuletin, Chatham
Judith Wilkins, Guelph

PHOTOS of POTTERS and/or their WORK ... place cursor on photo for more information

Monica AdamoCarmen Abdallah Monica AdamoMonica Adamo

Shelley BoaShelley Boa Janette BogartJanette Bogart
Jay BurnJay Burn Shu-Chen ChengShu-Chen Cheng Keri CurrieKeri Currie Becky Webster potteryBecky Webster
Amy Doole Iris DortonIris Dorton Melissa FarquharMelissa Farquhar Murray FoxMurray Fox
April GatesApril Gates Jennifer GrahamJennifer Graham Jonathan HarperJonathan Harper Stephen HawesStephen Hawes
Chris HierlihyChris Hierlihy Theresa GilhulyJanus monica johnstonMonica Johnston Maria JozwiakowskiMaria Jozwiakowski
Alexander KastulinAlexander Kastulin Lisa Marcus Dale MarkDale Mark Angela McKayAngela McKay
Jennifer MiceliJennifer Miceli Carol Ann MichaelsonCarol Ann Michaelson Monika MinnisMonika Minnis Richard MundRichard Mund
Barb MurphyBarb Murphy Jane NeffJane Neff Jospeh PanacciJoseph Panacci Peter PanacciPeter Panacci
Gail pasternackGail Pasternack


Andrea PillerAndrea Piller

Natalie Prevost-MeroNatalie Prevost-Mero

Sean RobinsonSean Robinson

Frans RoodFrans Rood Marcelina SalazarMarcelina Salazar Melissa SchooleyMelissa Schooley Goldie ShermanGoldie Sherman
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